Ticking Off My Shopping List

After weeks of searching and researching, I have finally bought the backpack for my trip in May. I am pleased to announce that Berghaus Women’s Trailhead 60 L Rucksack will be my companion on my first trip to discover the world.

Isn’t it the cutest?

It is dark blue with pink, and so pretty and unexpectedly comfortable considering that I was a bit afraid to go over 55 L, because I didn’t really wanted to carry too much around. But I think this size will be just fine. It should leave me enough spare space for all the souvenirs I plan on bringing home. And, being so comfortable, it should be easy to carry around while changing flights and hostels and moving from one place to another.

And all it took for me to finally buy any backpack was a cute and charming guy to sell it to me. Yup, now I don’t know whether I bought it so quickly because it was a perfect choice or because I couldn’t say no to the cute salesman. Because normally I take ages to decide about anything. I can’t just buy something. It needs to be a perfect choice and the best option and I need to consider anything and everything that could possibly happen and would that item be able to cope with my expectations. To be fair, whenever I buy something on a whim I end up being the happiest… I know I should probably do that all the time, but when it comes to buying things for something long and important as this trip I’m going to, then I go crazy with overthinking everything. I literally started to have nightmares about missing the plane or needing to come back to England mid trip… It’s been really bad. And it’s all because I’m driving myself crazy with overthinking everything so much. I know, I know… I’m hopeless.

So it was nice to decide something quickly. And have a lovely conversation and really helpful advises from a nice salesman. With cute arm tattoo’s. Studying masters in Conservation Biology. Who loves to travel. I think I might need to go to that shop again. I’m sure I will need some other things to buy there, right? Water bottles looked nice.

Well actually, it was all good up until the point when I was saying goodbye and thanking him for all the help, all smiles and fluttering my eyelashes… and then I ran into a wooden pole in the middle of the store. I guess it wouldn’t be a normal day if I didn’t embarrass myself at least once. So maybe I will rethink going there again.


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