Baby! (Me being Overly Excited About Someone Else’s Pregnancy)

There is going to be a little one in my family!

Well, not in my immediate family, but close enough. My beautiful cousin is pregnant and I am happy as if I’m going to have a baby! She is the oldest one from us first cousins, and me and her brother were born next, with only two months difference between us. So, naturally, I feel like I should be next haha.

I am already planning what to buy for that amazing new tiny human, and I don’t even know what gender it will be yet. I can’t go wrong with white, black or yellow, right? Well… maybe not black.

I want to be its favourite aunt, and technically I’m not even gonna be its aunt. But, whatever, I already love him/her, so I get to call myself his/hers aunt.

Couple of my friends recently needed an abortion so it’s so nice to hear of someone being pregnant on purpose and wanting their baby. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than being able to make a new life, new human. And I understand that this is only my opinion and my wishes, and that some people are not ready or able to go through with it because of their age or certain timing in their life, or any other reason. And that is completely fine. But when you hear only of unwanted pregnancies and then someone says that they were actually trying and they succeeded and they can’t wait to meet their child, well.. it makes me all warm and happy.

Just until October and I will be able to meet this new addition to my family. I can hardly wait!

And he/she will be Libra. I get along with Libras. I’m sure we’ll be friends 🙂


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