Life Changing. Wow.

I guess I became one of many people with New Year’s resolutions. I never really had this habit of doing that. I sort of believe in chance, destiny, being amazed by unknown as it comes. I like surprises…

This year though (well, next year really…) there are so many new things that are happening for me. And it all just recently came up and I am still trying to wrap my head around all of those new and scary and exciting events.

So I’m not really sure if I should use term resolutions, but there are definitely new decisions to be made and new projects to focus on.

First thing’s first- The Trip. Few months ago I realised that I am stuck in this boring habit of life and was just going to work and sleeping, because I was too tired to do anything else. Not to mention that I wanted some extra time to decide what I want to do with the rest of my days now that I have graduated. So I ended up getting in STA Travel one day on my way home from work and they helped me make this amazing trip that I will be going on in May next year. My journey starts in Thailand where I will be volunteering with elephants and then moves on to Australia where I will be doing a diving course on the Great Barrier Reef, among other exciting things that may or may not include skydiving… I’m still debating with myself about that one…

But seeing as this trip is not until May, I needed to do something else with my time between now and then. Because I thought I can’t afford to waste time on looking and applying for new jobs (not to mention that my job at the restaurant gives me all the money and flexibility that I could need), seeing as I needed all the money I could save now that I had this awesome trip to think about, I decided I should at least work on my singing. I needed to have a fun thing to do on my days off and if I miss anything about university it’s a chance to sing so much. I have a friend living close to me who is a musician and he was kind enough to help me with the song that I have written. It was just one song back then, but because of recent events with meeting with my ex again and having another sort of heartbreaking to deal with, I have written another song and I don’t think I have ever been more proud or excited about something that I have created.

And here we are on my second decision for the new year- record my songs. I really hope I will be able to share those soon.

Third thing was more my friends idea than mine, but it became a thing I will be involved quite a lot in in the next year and it should give me more experience as a costume designer. She is a performer and she has decided to get involved with burlesque and I became her personal costume designer. Her next competition is in January and I am currently working on her next costume. At the same time I am working on new projects for my shop, so my room is currently a mess filled with different coloured wool, sewing books, fabrics of all sorts and little pieces of threads.

And then there is the biggest and scariest event of them all… The Move. Yes, you read it well. After the longest time thinking about it and waging my options and trying to be sensible, I have decided that the best next step in my life is if I move to London. I realised I can’t stay in the same place until May. I was already getting so unhappy and frustrated with my job and lack of life. I couldn’t take it that long. So now I am applying for any possible job that I can find and looking for flats and houses with my friend and searching belly dance classes in London, because that is something that I need to do as well in new year haha I always said I never wanted to live in London and here we go now. How funny how things turn out sometimes? I really hope it will be just what I need. New future in new year and a lot of possibilities that can change my life forever, right?

My actual ‘To Do List’. To make it official 😉


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