All work, no play

My boss finally gave me more hours! Which means I might have to work 30 hours this week, though, let’s face it, he will probably send me home after just two hours-as he always does. I will never understand the need for 7 waitresses when you only use 2 of them most of the hours and everyday. How are the rest of us suppose to learn all the things you want us to lear, when we’re not even there?
When i first started, right after trial, he asked me if I ever worked on the coffee machine and I said that I have only ever been cleaning one but I wouldn’t mind to learn how to work on one and his response was: “No, no! Your job is taking orders, washing dishes and making sandwiches. Only I work on the machine and on the till.” He did also say that he can teach me how to work on it nevertheless, just to have more experience, but that never happened. And then couple of days later he got new waitress on trial and he was teaching her how to work on machine…
Anyway, after what he told me I focused on making sandwiches as much as I could and learning prices and how things work there and I’m proud to say that after 3 weeks I know almost everything (except working on machine and till of course). The only problem is: he doesn’t trust me.
He started giving me less and less hours, and by that I mean I would come and work 2 hours and then he would say: “Sorry, it’s quiet, you can go home.” Not girl that worked since morning, not girl that came at the same time as I did and has a second job, but me. What’s with that? 
So I wanted to keep it cool, not take it too personally, and I politely asked for more hours. Considering I need as much money as I can get, I’m on holidays so I have loads of free time and generaly I do like working at that place, it’s lovely, I wouldn’t mind spending more time there.
And this was the conversation:
Me: I just wanted to ask if it would be possible for me to have more hours? I have a lot of free time and I could use money and I see that you still look for staff so I just wanted to let you know that I can do more hours.
Boss: I have to ask my brother (bigger boss). You see we give more hours when people show progress, you need to know how to do everything. You need to know how to make sandwiches (which I do but he doesn’t believe me for some reason), you need to know how everything is cleaned (which everyone outside cafe probably know as well, cause we clean constantly, it’s probably cleaner than in the hospital) and then you get more hours. You see how it goes?
Me: Yeah, that sounds understandable. I have been making sandwiches though…
Boss: You need to know how to make sandwiches. You should go and when it’s not busy you should be the one to make them and one other girl should be there to see if you’re doing it right.
That is all I have been doing for past couple of weeks but I have noticed he doesn’t really listen so I just gave up. Apparently yesterday he spoke with his brother and they have agreed to give me more hours. Woohoo. And as for coffee machine… he even pissed of the girl that works there the longest because he told her and me that we need to ask him to show us how to work on the machine because if we don’t he won’t show it to us, and how he has always so much to do we need to learn that to help him out. The thing is that she has been trying to help him out for a year now and he always refuses help and he literally told me that waitresses job in this cafe is not to work on coffee machine. So we were both very confused and annoyed.
Maybe I’m not really the kind of person to have a boss. It’s not like I have trouble doing what I’m asked to do, it’s just that I see so many things that I would have done differently to improve bussiness. And then I always think of really openning and running that kind of bussiness. So at the moment I have this idea of openning my own cafe. Though I still have to improve my own fashion shop that I have and then maybe i’ll think of cafe… So I guess I’m not the best boss in the world as well. On the plus side, I don’t have employees. Don’t think I ever will. Unless I open cafe.


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