It´s All About Perspective

So here it goes! My first blog post in ages- literally! Last time I did this was when I was around 14… And then most of my posts were about crazy teenage problems, siblings issues, unreturned loves and stuff like that- oh what the happy times! Except once when I decided to write about my imaginary life in America. Who would have thought that few years later I would be writing about my not-so-imaginary life in Great Britain?

I have recently found myself in this new place, doing what I always wanted, but never thought I could do, and I realized that even with all the issues that came along I was actually really lucky. I was just thinking about what to write in my first post, and I didn´t really think there would be much to say, and then going through everything that had happened in last two years I realized there is a lot for me to say. So I decided that keeping this blog is a good idea and that it´s time for me to start writing.

And here are some lyrics that inspired me today:

“I get lost in the beauty

of everything I see.

The world ain’t half as bad

as they paint it to be.”



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